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Audio production for social media is a vital part of your marketing mix. Podcasts, videos, infommercials and brand stories are everywhere. Yours need to standout. Well scripted voice overs, with the right tone and delivery are essential. Your customers are influenced both consciously, and unconsciously. Help them to engage with you by using the right voice, tone and music for your brand. 

We  have over twenty years of experience in making nice noises. Our musicians have made music for dancefloors, adverts and film. Having a passion  for good sound has taken us into new and exciting areas. Foley and special fx for movies and apps, and production of popular podcasts for festivals, online magazines and corporate brands. 

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Sean Holland

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Crossworlder Music

Bespoke Music and Licensing

Fiftypointfour Studios

Bespoke Music And Voice Overs

We can Provide:

Voice Actors

Bespoke music & composition

Stock music & licensing

Podcast editing & production

Film score

Campaign music

Voice over scripting and performance

Joined Up Think have a range of voice artists to suit all types of projects. Whether you need a strong corporate voice to deliver your pitch deck, a fun quirky voice for your brand character or an engaging story teller for an audio book, we can help.


20 years ago, if you wanted a voice over, you would need to go to a large London agency and pay a huge fee. The truth is, that with modern studio equipment, and the right voice, you don’t need a big agency. You also do not need to pay huge agency fee’s.

There is a caveat to that statement. Some voices are simply iconic. David Attenborough and Joanna Lumley are two examples of unique tone. If you want these legendary voices on your campaign, then you are paying for their years of experience, the implied values, brand alignment, and so on. In this instance, the fee’s are perfectly understandable.

Joined Up Think is different. We are not a voice over agency for the stars. Neither are we a gig platform where you are paying a fiver and hoping for the best. We are actors, performers, poets and scriptwriters covering all genders and voice types.

If you want a specific accent or tone, we will approach our network and find a voice actor to suit. We will script the content, deliver it with passion, (or any other emotion you desire) and produce it to perfection.

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Podcast production and editing

Podcasting is a time proven tool. If you need to build an audience and enhance brand engagement, a regular podcast could work for you.

Whether you are looking to start a brand new podcast, or improve the quality of your existing podcast we can help. As well as scripting and editing your show, Joined Up Think are able to provide producers and presenters if required. We can develop sound beds, intro and outro tracks, edit, mix and master your podcast to commercial standards.

Once your podcast is recorded, we can distribute it for you via all the main channels, meaning easy access to your show.  

Get in touch now and you can start broadcasting with confidence.

Bespoke Music and Sound Design

The digital world is a place of inspiration. Studios that once cost hundreds of thousands of pounds, are now accessible to music producers from all walks of life. Accesibility has had an irreversible effect on the music industry. A new era has arrived in which quality sound and original composition can thrive. 

Joined Up Think has it’s DNA in digital music. Fiftypointfour Studios and Crossworlder Studios both started out making electronic dance music in the hey day of club culture. We have have produced electronic music spanning many genres, including: House music, Techno, Trance, Breakbeat, Chill out and Acosutic music.

Our portfolio includes scoring independent films, writing music beds for podcasts and ad campaigns, and sound design for award winning theatre. Our tracks have been supported by legendary DJ’s such as John Peel, Dave Seaman, Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Tom Novy and Sasha.

If you want good music, we want to talk to you. Get in touch and tell us what you want to hear.

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