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Being a writer has its own unique set of challenges. Frustration and anxiety can build. The writing process is just that, a process. There are times when the end is nowhere to be seen, the plot is well and truly lost and the small hours close in like cloaked demons. This is where we vent. 

Anything you read on this page needs to be taken with a hefty pinch of salt, and a camomile tea. While kernels of truth fester in the narrative, for the most part we are just letting of steam. What grinds your beans? Feel free to share your own rants. We take submissions, (although we never submit).  

This is our unsafe space. Welcome to the Daily grind. 


Are you a Digital Nomad or an Illegal Immigrant?

Are you a Digital Nomad or an Illegal Immigrant?

…and why Dire Straits have already worked out the answers.

Are you a Digital Nomad, or an Illegal Immigrant? The legal definition is very contentious, and the moral argument is really tied up in how you are feeling about that question. Enter the can of worms.

Daily Grind -The Curse Of Two-Factor Authentication

Daily Grind -The Curse Of Two-Factor Authentication

What happens when the computer says no? AI and system software are taking over. As a Digital Nomad, you may find yourself in a precarious, or even dangerous situation as a result. Find out why the systems implemented to protect us are in fact biting the hand that feeds them.

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