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Tales from the Laptops of Travelling Creatives

Welcome to our Digital Nomads page. We started this page because 100 percent of our team work remotely. Some of us are at a fixed base and working from home. Some of us are ex-pats in foreign countries, and a lucky few of us are travelling the world, supporting our travel by working online. 

Each of these lifestyles has it’s own challenges and rewards. We want to share them with you here.

If you are a freelancer, remote worker, or full blown Digital Nomad, you are welcome to share your stories too. This is an open resource and free to use. To start the submission process, subscribe to our newsletter below, and say hi via the contact form. 

Happy travels 


Digital Nomads Land-Diary 2

Digital Nomads Land-Diary 2

This second diary entry looks at a budget hotel find for Digital Nomads travelling through Singapore, as well as a great Dim Sum restaurant.

Digital Nomads Land-A New Journey Begins

Digital Nomads Land-A New Journey Begins

Is living as a Digital Nomad possible? Can someone continue to run a business, write a new play and book a tour for the following year, whilst simultaneously travelling? – I guess we are going to find out!

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