Content Marketing & Design with a twist

What does the team at Joined Up Think do?​

We create.

Our team are poets, screenwriters, novelists, playwrights, musicians, and a stand-up comedian.

We have embraced the world we find ourselves in and formed a cooperative of like-minded people. Our progressive culture means that you are working with competent, happy people who are doing what they love most.

No drama. No ambiguity. Simple.


We love to write, and we are not ashamed to say we are good at it too!

We have the production, writing and editing of several award-winning plays under our belts, and have co-authored a variety of non-fiction and academic books.

Recent commissions include two ghostwritten novels, a screenplay, and co-production of a solo touring show with the Inn Crowd, and National Centre for Writing.

Add to that the hundreds of SEO optimised articles we have researched, written and edited for niche site owners who are busy growing their businesses. You can see how we have written, edited and refined over five million words.

Let us help you with:

// Ghost Writing (Ebooks, novels, biographies, Memoirs and handbooks).
// Professional blogs, articles and listicles
// Academic Articles
// Regular blogs


You have your product or service sorted. You know your business inside out and are quite comfortable with the idea that you are good at what you do. So why is it so hard to build an engaged audience, and consistently grow sales?

Marketing is not a complicated concept. It is as simple as picking your lane, understanding your customer’s needs, and telling them why they should buy from you. Once you have achieved that task, you keep them engaged and suitably motivated to buy again.

If you are tired of price wars with your competition, loss leaders, social media posts and ever more aggressive funnel strategies, then our boat may suit you better. We believe in Community Marketing. We will help you develop superfans who love you and shout about your business in the right way.

Everyone loves a shiny new thing. Give your customers something to love.

Our strategies work exceptionally well for:

// Authors
// Niche websites
// Influencers
// E-book launches
// Digital courses
// E-commerce
// Events
// Media projects including indie film

Branding and Graphic Design

In today’s highly-produced world, your brand needs to stand out. You simply cannot get away with hoping for the best. Because we understand the need for quality JUT has curated an incredible team of illustrators and designers.

The best designs are often the simplest, and yet that subtlety can be so very hard to
achieve. Our graphic design and illustration team make the rest of us look awesome.

Words and strategies are both significant parts of the puzzle, but despite the adage; everyone judges a book by its cover in our modern world. That is especially true with e-publishing, kindle and digital content.

Our Creative Director is ready to help you look good too.

Hit us up for:

// Book Covers and Illustration
// Dynamic Graphs and images
// Full Brand Makeover
// Branding guidelines
// Bespoke graphic design

Are you looking for a Creative Agency with a difference?

Our crew is a bunch of performers and storytellers at heart. What is your story? Joined Up Think can help you discover it, and when we do, we can help you broadcast it to the world.