Fraud Defence First (FDF) is a startup offering niche training. The target market is companies that take payment by card. 

Our Deliverables:

Business Consultancy
Logo Design
Course Content


Sean Holland
(Business Consultancy / Project Management / Strategy / Copywriting)

Josh Blackwell
(Creative Direction / Graphic Design / Brand Development)

Christian Russell-Pollock
(Website build / Marketing Strategy / Advertising Solutions)


The Brief:

Our clients vision means delivering a tailor-made business. FDF plugs-in to the clients existing business model. Turnkey branding and design covers the entire business model. 

Our Solution:

Our crew provides a broad spectrum of expertise. The first part of the journey is to understand launch conditions.

Initially the project manager focuses on goals and expectations. We plot a chart of events. A time table is set.  During this stage copious notes are written. 

The second step is to gather the crew…

Marketing and advertising Solutions:

We learn about our client’s customer’s habits. Understanding needs and wants is essential. These insights come via thorough research. Looking for strengths and weaknesses in the marketplace aids our strategy. This forensic approach shapes SEO and online optimisation.

FDF’s solution included ticketing strategy and a PR plan.

Our writers managed the production of copy and content.

Turnkey Branding and Design solutions:

Our Creative Director approaches any project with a blank sheet. Naturally, a client has ideas  however, FDF gave us carte blanche. In this instance, colours, fonts, logo, and assets convey a simple message. Security, trust and authority.

The list of assets is extensive. In-store signage and POS are bold. Course certificates, logo, and website inspire trust. Branding guidelines offer the client flexibility and choice for future development. 

What the client said:

“We could not be happier with the result. Every JUT department is managed by an expert. Communication is excellent. Everyone seems to love what they do. Our Project manager continues to be a trusted partner. COVID swamped us just as we were launching. JUT is now engaged in flipping our business into a purely online model.”

– Sebastian Woods– Managing Director