Ghost Writing Services
& Music Production

What does the team at Joined Up Think do?‚Äč

We write and perform words and music.

Our team are poets, screenwriters, novelists, playwrights, musicians, and a stand-up comedian.

We have embraced the world we find ourselves in and formed a cooperative of like-minded people. Our progressive culture means that you work with competent, happy people doing what they love most.

No drama. No ambiguity. Simple.

Ghostwriting Services

We love to write and are not ashamed to say we are good at it too!

We have the production, writing and editing of several award-winning plays under our belts and have co-authored a variety of non-fiction and academic books. We have optioned screenplays out there and IMDB credits for both screenplays and film scores.

Recent commissions include ghostwritten novels, Screenplays, and the production of multiple solo theatre and performance shows. 

Add to that the hundreds of SEO-optimised articles we have researched, written and edited for niche site owners busy growing their businesses. You can see how we have written, edited and refined over five million words between us.

Let us help you with:

// Ghost Writing (Ebooks, novels, biographies).
// Radio Drama
// Screenplays

Music Production and Voiceovers

Music is the soul of many creative projects. What other medium can instantly conjure smells, tastes and technicolour memories with just a few notes? 

When you are investing time and money into your podcast, indie film, feature film or documentary, it is vital that you get the tone of the music right. We can write you emotive, world-class music to bring your project to life. 

Your brand voice must be spot-on if you present products or services online. Sure, AI can generate a voiceover for you, but do you want your story told by a generic robot used by millions of other companies? Inject personality and character into your presentations, and contact us for a free sample read. 

We have written and produced music for entertainment, film, radio and theatre. Samples are available on request.

Would you like to stand out from the crowd? Then let’s talk….

Our compositions suit:

// Media projects, including indie film
// Radio Drama
// Advertising
// Theatre

Are you looking for content creators with a difference?

Our crew is a bunch of performers and storytellers at heart. What is your story? Joined Up Think can help you discover it, and when we do, we can help you broadcast it to the world.