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Tina Sederholm

/ Editor in Chief
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We asked Our Editor in Chief, Tina; How did you end up crafting words?

I have travelled that little known and curious career path from International Event Rider to performance poet, theatre-maker and editor. I have always loved literature, drama and creating my own stories, but only had time to focus professionally on writing once my event career wound down.

At the time of writing I have published six books, with a seventh, This is Not Therapy, due out April 2021. I have also written four solo theatre shows and toured them all over the country, including the Edinburgh Fringe, as well as having over 800 specialist articles to my name.


Editing is my other literary love. For me, editing is the process in which you take a rough diamond and bring out its brilliance. It brings me so much pleasure to be a friendly co-creator who sees the potential and helps the writer shape it, even when the writer has lost faith.

Without doubt, all of my work has been vastly improved by having an editor. It allows you to take more chances in the early drafts, knowing there is someone who will channel that exuberance later.

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Other interests:

Training horses and rehabilitating rescue Boxer dogs, Yoga, memoir.

Proudest Moment:

Receiving a standing ovation for my show Everything Wrong With You Is Beautiful at the Edinburgh Fringe. Not the adulation (though a little never goes amiss!) but the sense that myself and the audience had been on a unique and intimate journey that day.

One Interesting Fact:

Aged three, I kicked Princess Anne on the shin and ran away. Or punched her in the stomach. My parents disagree about which body part I assaulted.

Biggest Achievement:

Staying married for 15 years?!
Learning how to stay happy even when the world is quivering on the edge of the abyss.

Unfulfilled Dream:

There’s always more art to make, more creativity to explore. I don’t want that to end, until the end.

Advice to the Business World:

Split the writing process into writing, re-writing, and editing. First stage; splurge it all out. Second stage, shape it into something cohesive. Third stage; make sure every word is earning its keep. If not, it’s gone. Keep these stages distinct from each other. Try to re-write and edit at the same time, and you will destroy power of the piece. Trust me, that advice is hard-won.