Paul Venn

/ Film maker
/ Editor

We asked our videography specialist- What makes you tick?

I’ve always had a fascination with discovering how the world around me works, which Starting at an early age; mostly in the form of taking anything within arm’s reach apart (sorry, Mum). As I grew, so did my appetite for “inquisitive discovery”. I continued to get my fix by devouring documentaries and books on a whole host of subjects. Racing from museum to museum on city breaks and continuing to take things apart also helped, (although now armed with the skills and tools to put things back together again).

I gained a degree in design at Goldsmiths, a fine establishment which resonates with my constant quest for the hows and the whys. My time there provided me with a fantastic framework for my investigations. I also learned skills to creatively reflect upon my discoveries. My passion for learning and exploring is matched by a passion for sharing with others what I’ve discovered, so reflectivity is an absolutely vital addition to life’s toolbox.

With this backdrop, it felt right to move toward visual media. Film and photography are fantastic tools for discovering new environments and engaging with people that I’d never usually get the opportunity to. More importantly, I am producing content that tells the tales I am so keen to share.
There is nothing I enjoy more than collaborating with clients. The thrill of defining the things they like to communicate and the stories they want to share. I produce engaging content that resonates with a clients audience.

Other interests:

The sea and processing my own film photography. (Mostly of the sea).

Proudest Moment:

Buying a fixer-upper by the sea.

Two Interesting Facts:

I have a number of sailing qualifications.

I have well over 100 playlists I’ve created on Spotify, and I’m adamant they each have a purpose.

Biggest Achievement:

Whatever is the latest DIY project I’ve conquered on the quest to fix my fixer-upper.

Unfulfilled Dream:

Producing a documentary that makes the cut at a major film festival.

Advice to the Business World:

Avoid being overly protective of your initial ideas, as they are very rarely the best ones. Share them and see the process of them being pulled apart and questioned as positive steps towards forming better ideas.