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Mike Took

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We asked our screenplay specialist, and copywriter; what kinds of projects get you fired up? 

I have spent my entire life being seduced by the power of words. I am enchanted by the eloquent nuance of language. The art of storytelling may be rooted in a vivid imagination, but it is craft, understanding and discipline that see those ideas grow into tales that want to be told. These are the stories that readers and audiences remember forever.

In any writing discipline, attention to detail is of paramount importance. I specialise in authentic character development and dialogue. Story pacing, dark humour and deeply thorough plot lines are essential. I specialise in writing for performance, be it theatre, comedy or performance poetry.

I write professionally in all genres of screenplay. Westerns to science fiction and family dramas to thrillers, I cover them all. I also write digital & SEO content, poetry and songs.

Multi-optioned screenplay writer and published in various other literary genres. Currently a staff writer at SCS Studio Filmz in the USA and an Artistic and Quality Assessor for Arts Council England. Also a regular at the Cannes Film Festival and the Edinburgh Fringe since 2012 and an award-wining judging panellist each year at the Leicester Comedy Festival.

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Other interests:

Fresh air. Red wine. Calling-out social injustice and political hypocrisy.

Proudest Moment:

The day I quit working for the man and turned my back on the rat-race.

Two Interesting Facts:

I have never seen Game of Thrones.

I keep a small flock of rescue-chickens, all called Claudia Winkelman.

Biggest Achievement:

Having adult children who question society and protest things.

Unfulfilled Dream: