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Lucy Barritt

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We asked our talented illustrator where she draws her inspiration from?

My passion lies with the indeterminable world of consciousness. I feel there’s a great void within western society where religion used to lie and agnosticism now dwells. My inspiration is drawn from Jungian psychology, mysticism, religious art and theology, psychedelic philosophy, mathematics in nature, quantum physics and the technological age. I am reassured in my faith that there is more to life than the material world and my hope is to shine a light upon this from as many angles as possible, inviting others to not lose courage in our circumstance on this planet.

After graduating from Birmingham City University in 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art, I continued my artistic education in my own unique way. In 2016 I travelled to South East Asia and spent 6 months wandering through the incredible landscape of Thailand and Vietnam. I had a tiny sketchbook in which I would make small drawings and paintings of the landscapes.

In 2017 I moved to Melbourne in Australia and lived in a house of artists which spurred me into a flurry of creativity. I rented a studio space and created a series of works called – ‘Studies in Black’. These pieces began to cement a style of painting that is unique and emotive.

I returned to the UK in 2018 and set up a studio space in Cornwall. During this time I worked on commissioned paintings and was part of various exhibitions in Plymouth. I also started a business selling clothing and prints online. This became quite a success and sold units to the US, Europe and Australia.

In 2019 I moved to Indonesia to work on a small island just south of Singapore to manage a castaway resort. Due to the remote nature of my location I had to readdress my creative process, having little to no space or resources to paint large format art, I began to teach myself the digital arts and since 2019 I have become quite proficient in using Photoshop to realise my inner visions. I have continued working on commissions like tattoo designs, logos and various other digital based media.

Alongside painting I have an ongoing blog – an insight into life in South East Asia.


Other interests:

Music is unquestionably one of my favourite expressive mediums. I have been playing guitar for twenty years and have performed live for over a decade. Until recently I have mostly played covers but I am now exploring the realm of songwriting.

My experience writing poetry has been invaluable in the lyrical process. I have written and performed poetry across South East Asia and the UK on multiple occasions and spent a month living and working at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2018. Writing poetry is a soothing balm. It helps me to express things I struggle to realise in my waking life.

Proudest Moment:

Riding a motorbike through Vietnam for 3 months – top to bottom.

Two Interesting Facts:

I have spent the 2020 lockdown on a tiny Indonesian island with three other people.

I once swam with a 3metre Manta Ray and a bunch of turtles in the same day.

Biggest Achievement:

Reaching the top of Adam’s Peak in Sri Lanka. We started at 2am and made the pilgrimage climb in the dark. I went to a very zen place in my mind in order to reach the top.

Unfulfilled Dream:

Starting an artist’s collective/studio space/fully sustainable living space for creatives in an old house in a forest.

Advice to anyone Publishing a Book:

Nowadays everybody judges a book by its cover.