Josh Blackwell-Creative-Director-Branding Geek

Josh Blackwell

/ Creative Director
/ Graphic Designer

We asked our Creative Director; How did you discover your passion for design and branding?

I used to be really into maps as a kid. I’m not sure what it was that drew me to them, but translating the colours of different terrains, foreign words, and winding rivers into imagined worlds was something I got up to every day. The beauty and detail found in maps seem to have stuck with me. My interests still tend to lie within a visual or creative field.

I cherished the study of visual communication. At 16, I discovered Photoshop, and everything clicked into place. I found the precision offered by digital tools intoxicating. Art college followed my first brush with design, then university, and now I am fortunate enough to design professionally.

My passion lies in creating outstanding designs which communicate clear messages. I have a wealth of experience in taking a client brief and translating it into a full-blown graphic design and branding project. I am the Chief Officer of your voyage, managing the design crew and making sure your message is clear to see.

Other interests:

Skateboarding, photography, history and travelling.

Proudest Moment:

I won the high jump at sports day, despite being the shortest competitor.

Two Interesting Facts:

My plane to Hanoi narrowly avoided crashing into the farmland surrounding Wuhan.

Ironically, for a designer I have the worst eyesight of anyone I know (don’t worry, glasses correct this).

Biggest Achievement:

Being born.

Unfulfilled Dream:

Learn an instrument.

Advice to the business world:

Brilliance lies in simplicity; however, simplicity is incredibly complex to create. I have learned that quality graphic design will always bring legitimacy to an idea or business. A meaningful concept is the starting point for that quality. These elements take time, so never scrimp on your branding and Design! It will pay back in dividends over time.