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We are all being asked to recalibrate. What we do with this opportunity is going to dictate how the legacy of humanity is indelibly printed for future generations.

The universe is presenting us with a new way to think, and a fresh perspective on what is important. Amid all of the doomsday proclamations and fear-mongering, there are those who see this situation as an opportunity for real change. For too long, we have laboured on under the false idea that year on year growth, profit and material wealth are the things we should strive for. In doing so, we have forgotten what is really important. I put it to you that, for the vast majority, Corona Virus is not a plague to be feared, but a lesson to be learned. In fact, it could be the inspiration mankind needs to build a better way of living. For once we are forced to think about our species as a whole, rather than the individualism that has become a part of our norm. For those of us who are not at risk, our job is to look after those who are at risk. That means taking a responsible attitude to public events, performance and social interaction. That means focussing on those in our immediate vicinity.

Like it or not, we are a tribe. Sure, we are a tribe that has lost the natural connection to our surroundings. We are out of balance with the other entities that exist on the planet, and we have become obsessed with building material wealth. Not everyone is guilty of these things at an individual level, but societies as a whole are destructive. Commerce is destructive. Tourism is destructive. Globalisation is the most ironic term ever coined, given that it is on a path to destroy the very globe from which it takes its name.

Over the coming weeks and months, we will learn that there are new ways to work, communicate and entertain each other. We will be able to focus on those who live in our neighbourhood. Who needs help with shopping? Which of our friends and immediate neighbours are isolated, and need support? Who around us has been living with this level of isolation for years without us even noticing?

“The real voyage of discovery consists, not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”…Marcel Proust

Maybe we will realise that life goes on regardless of whether we commute into an office, fly off on that holiday, attend that major sporting event, or go to see that artist performing. That life is not a collection of material trophies that we strive for regardless of the human cost. Maybe we will realise that things can be different. As we sit, isolated and contemplating the true nature of our reality, maybe we will ask this question of ourselves; what really matters?

Maybe we will all reach the same conclusion.

Sean Holland – Joined Up Think